Oil painting of Cabo at dawn, with backlit cactus and ocean in background
Cabo Dawn

The dark adobe colors against the dawn sky were what caught my eye.

Oil painting of Union Island native sitting on discarded refrigerator on beach, singing and accompanying himself on guitar while friend plays congo drum.
Union Island Serenade

A native of Union Island (in the Grenadines) serenading us with one of his songs, accompanied by a friend on bongos. What made me laugh was the fact that he was sitting on a discarded, rusted refrigerator!

View of Sedona wilderness with famous red rocks framing distant mountain peaks.
Sedona Wilderness

Iconic redrocks dominate the Sedona wilderness while a tortured desert tree stands proudly in the foreground.

Oil painting still life, consisting of yellow roses, a water pitcher, wine, and fruit in a black bowl.
Fruit in a Black Bowl

The challenge was to capture the freshness of the roses and the fruit while still retaining the sparkling reflections in the wineglass.

Midtown Manhattan in rain. Lots of people with umbrellas.
Rainy Day, Midtown NYC

The challenge was to capture the energy of the city as well as the umbrellas and the reflections on the sidewalk.

View of Chaumont-sur-Loire from chateau Chaumont window

I was intrigued by the pattern of the rooftops in this tiny village below the Chateau Chaumont.

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