After the Burn

Five years before, a fire had consumed many of the trees in this section of Glacier National Park. What struck me, and inspired this painting, was the massive growth of wildflowers among the charred evergreen husks, simply because they now had access to sunlight.

Morning Mist, Acadia N.P.

In this painting, I was trying to capture the rocky solidity of the Maine coastline, but also the soft edge that the morning mist cast over the scene.

Up by Cascade Creek

The large rock in the foreground called out to me to sit down and enjoy the beauty of Cascade Creek (more like a pond here) against the magnificent backdrop of the snowcapped Teton mountain range.

Oil painting of snow-capped Grand Teton mountain, from viewpoint of hiking trail surrounded by boulders, wildflowers, and evergreens..
Grand Teton Majesty

I was truly awestruck by Grand Teton mountain, which overpowered the entire canyon with its massive size, rugged beauty, and sheer magnificence, which I tried to capture here.

Oil painting of Teton mountain range at sunset with grazing horses silhouetted in foreground.
Wyoming Sunset

On the evening of our arrival at Grand Teton National Park, this is the sunset we enjoyed from the front porch of our log cabin. The horses were clearly unfazed by what was taking place behind them.

Swan Lake, Grand Teton N.P.
Swan Lake, Grand Teton N.P.

The spectacle of the sun on the distant mountains and the aquatic plantlife was inspiring.

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