Oil painting of multiple shadows playing across landscape of Cascade Canyon, with snow-capped Teton mountain peaks rising above.
Canyon Shadows

I came around a bend in the trail and was treated to this view of snow-capped, jagged Tetons with deep shadows playing over the mountainside evergreens and the boulders on the valley floor in front of me.

Oil painting of placid String Lake in Grand Teton National Park in morning, with reeds breaking its surface and evergreens along shoreline. . lake.
Morning at String Lake

The peaceful quiet of morning was reflected in the calm face of this lake and the graceful reeds that pierced its surface.


The tranquil mood projected by this lake was enhanced by the blue, green and violet hues in the surrounding landscape.

Oil painting of oxbow bend of Snake River beneath Teton mountain range in early morning light.
First Light

Here, the snake river is more like a lake, with early morning rays of light playing along its shoreline and in the surrounding trees.

Oil painting of Cascade Canyon, with Teton mountain range rising above it in morning light.
Cascade Canyon Glory

The striking beauty of Cascade Canyon is revealed here in the subtle colors of the Teton peaks, the sunlitĀ  evergreens covering the hillside, and their lovely reflections in the creek below.

Oil painting of Victoria Falls at Glacier National Park, with clouds of spray surrounding falls as well as massive evergreen forest.
Victoria Falls, Glacier N.P.

Having just descended from the top of the falls, where our vision was obscured by the heavy mist rising from the cascading water, we were rewarded with this view, with the light bouncing off of the surrounding evergreens, across the streamside grasses, and over the rapids below.

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