canal Copenhagen final edit
Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen

What I wanted to capture here was the busy commercial harbor and the multitude of masts splayed across the row of colorful shop faces.

Waterfall, Canadian Rockies_final edit
Waterfall, Canadian Rockies, BC

This painting uses impasto to emphasize the bold, jagged colorful rock faces surrounding an incredibly beautiful waterfall.

Indonesian Sunset new edit.-2
Indonesian Sunset

What struck me here was the beauty of the magenta sunset playing against the dramatic sky.

Swan Lake, GTNP edited
Swan Lake, Grand Teton N.P.

This is a small study for what is to become a much larger painting in the studio. The tranquil majesty of the Tetons is again the subject. In the larger painting I am planning to highlight the sun playing on the colorful field in the left middleground.